A collection of elegant, highly customizable desktop clocks. These large, faceless clocks appear behind all windows and quietly come to the fore on each hour.


Additional clocks are under development and, when available, can be aded to your desktop collection via convenient in-app purchases. Some will be conventional; others will be surprisingly unique.


Ever get lost in your work so completely that you lose sense of time and space? We do—almost every day. That's part of the reason why we developed these clocks. They provide just enough notification, especially when working on large displays, to let you know where you are in the passage of your day without interrupting your focus.

LucidTime is a collection of desktop clocks. These are large, faceless clocks. The basic app includes 3 clocks: LucidClock, NixieClock, and SimpleClock. On your desktop, the clock you choose appears under all windows but just above of background and icons. By default, they remain there and quietly come to the fore for a few seconds each hour.

At first glance, each one may appear as an overly simple, faceless clock. Each is actually quite a bit more than that, as you will come to experience. There are lots of customizations, a wide array of complications, and subtle behaviors to make your computering day just a bit more enjoyable.

In the slide show, you see the 3 clocks of LucidTime version 1.0 in each of their default settings: size, colors, hands (shown or hidden), hash marks (shown or hidden)—all of which you can customize to your liking.

In succession, you'll see

  1. The 3 clocks of LucidTime all open on the desktop with no other windows open (each clock has been resized so they all fit).
  2. LucidClock with 3D effects partially behind the "About LucidTime" window.
  3. SimpleClock partially hidden behind its own "About SimpleClock" window.
  4. NixieClock partially hidden behind its own "Features Settings" window.

These screen shots were taken on a 2880 x 1800 screen so you can get an idea how large they are. You'll be able to resize them as you like.