LucidTime is a collection of desktop clocks. These are large, faceless clocks. The basic app includes 3 clocks: SimpleClock, LucidClock, and NixieClock. More clocks will be added to the basic app—3 more are planned. An additional clock, SectorClock, is available as a convenient in-app purchase—many more of these are planned.

In the slide show, you see the 4 clocks of LucidTime version 1.0 in each of their default settings: size, colors, hands (shown or hidden), hash marks (shown or hidden)—all of which you can customize to your liking.

In succession, you'll see

These are all shown at 512x512 pixels (1/2 their default size) so you can get an idea about how large they are. You'll be able to resize them as you like.

By default, a clock is opened beneath all other windows and is mostly out of the way. However, the clock will come to the top of all windows for a brief moment on the hour or at times you set