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Getting Information About A Clock

Each clock in the LucidTime clock collection has its own story. When a clock is "opened," it will have a hierarchical menu attached to its name in the Clock menu.

To learn where a clock came from and why it is interesting, select its About... submenu item from that opened clock.

Chose a clock to open.

Get Information About a Clock

  1. If there are no clocks open, open the desired clock.
    It will appear on the desktop and in the Clock menu items.
  2. Go to the Clock menu to see which clocks are open.
  3. Select the desired clock in the list below the New Clock... menu item.
  4. When you select the clock menu item, a submeu will appear.
    Select the About <clock> submenu item.

You will then see a window with the clock's name, a graphic of it, its version, a brief description, and a long description.

You should close this window when you are done reading about the clock.

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