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Changing A Clock's Position On Your Desktop

When a clock is opened for the first time, it will open in the center of the screen and to an appropriate size for that screen (as large as possible). You can select and drag a clock with your mouse or trackpad to another part of the screen or to another screen. The new position will be saved; the next time you open that clock it will appear at the same size and position.

You reposition a clock by clicking and dragging on any visible part of it. Furthermore, most clocks have a central "hub" on which you can click to reposition the clock.

You can resize a clock by changing its size in the Clock Settings panel for that clock.

Changing a Clock's Postion on Your Desktop

  1. With your cursor, click on any visible portion of a clock.
  2. Holding your mouse or trackpad down, drag the clock to the desired position and/or screen.

The position of the clock will change to the new horizontal and vertical position.

Because the default level of a clock is behind all windows, a clock may be difficult to select and drag. Or, because some clocks have minimal visual elements or do no have a central "hub", they may also be diffucult to select and drag.

The solution to this problem is to change the clock's window level, thereby making it easy to select and drag, reposition it, and finally, return the clock to its previous window level.

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