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Changing A Clock's Window Level

By default, when a clock is opened, it will put itself a level below all other windows and only come to the fore (front-most) at pre-determined times (on the hour). You can change this behavior for any open clock.

There are three window levels which may be chosen for any clock.

Chose a clock to open.

Changing a Clock's Window Level

  1. Go to the Clock menu
  2. Select the desired <clock> you want to close from the list of clocks.
    A submenu for the clock should appear.
  3. Select the Clock Window Level submenu item.
    A submenu of 3 levels should appear.
  4. Select the desired window level.

The clock will appear that the level you have selected.

The clock's window level applies only to that clock and not any other open clock.

When a clock's window level is "normal" or "below," the clock will come to the fore a few seconds before each hour, appear there for a few more seconds, and then return to its previous level.

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