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Opening A Clock

Before any clock will be visible on the desktop, it must be opened. You open a clock by selecting one from the "Choose New Clock" window and then click the "Open" button.

The "Choose New Clock" window will

Any clocks already opened will not appear in this window. Only those clocks that are not opened and are able to be opened will appear in the list of clocks.

When a clock is opened for the first time, it will be automatically sized for the screen and will be centered in the screen; it can then be moved and/or resized. If a clock has been previously opened, it will return to its previous size and position.

Chose a clock to open.

Open the "Choose New Clock" Window

  1. Go to the Clock menu and choose New Clock... menu item.

The "Choose New Clock" window will appear. You may choose a clock and open it. Or, you may now abandon the operation by closing the window or by clicking on the "Cancel" button.

Choose a Clock and Open It

  1. Open the "Choose New Clock" window, if it is not already open.
  2. Select a clock in the list of clocks by:
    1. using the mouse to click on a clock in the list of clocks, or
    2. using the <up-arrow> and <down-arrow> keys to navigate up and down the list
    until the desired clock is selected (highlighted).
  3. Open the selected clock by:
    1. hitting the <Enter>/<Return> key, or
    2. clicking on the "Open" button.

The selected clock will open and appear in the forefront of all windows for a few seconds and then move the background. At the same time, the "Choose New Clock" window will close (disappear).

The newly opened clock will now appear on the desktop and its name will be added to the list of opened clocks in the Clock menu.

To change various characteristics of an open clock and to close it, you can select an action from the clock's drop-down menu in the Clock menu.

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