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We make software for Apple's macOS. In particular, we make desktop clock software for macOS Sierra and later.

Sure, the Apple Watch is great for when you are not in front of your computer, out roaming about the countryside. Our clocks are for when you are working, where you spend most of your computering day. As desktops have gotten bigger, spanning multiple displays, we feel a desktop clock that fits seamlessly, subtlely, yet not annoyingly, into our daily desktop environment is long overdue. We hope you do, too.

The clocks you see here are two of the first clocks we've designed, quite a while ago. If you only see parts of the clocks, make your browser window go to full screen. The behavior shown here is just an approximation of the actual behavior.

The clocks of LucidTime, however, are much more fully developed and mature. They are intended to sit behind all windows most of the time and only come to the fore on the hour.

We are currently working on several more clocks; many others are planned. Some will be conventional; others will be surprisingly unique. When available, each can be added to your desktop collection via convenient in-app purchases. All of them are and will be elegantly simple and graphically stunning. While we put the finishing touches on our clocks, you may want to follow A Blog To Watch and WatchTime; these two sites continually provide us with some great inspiration and new ideas.

We think you're going to love these clocks.

LucidTime is available in the Mac App Store.

Once you see them on your desktop, we look forward to hearing from you—your feedback and suggestions—to make our clocks even better.

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