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LucidTime consists of a very simple set of menus

The LucidTime menu. The LucidTime menu. The LucidTime menu.
  • About LucidTime—General app info, credits and copyright.
  • Get Clocks...—Opens a window for in-app purchases.
  • Preferences...—Settings which apply to the whole app.
  • All the rest—Standard Apple menu items common to all Mac apps
  • New Clock..—Opens a window so you can select a clock to open.
  • <clock>—The name of any opened clocks will appear here. In this case, we see that LucidClock is open.
  • Each clock has it's own hierarchical submenu described in the Clock-Specific Submenu section, below
  • Search—Allows you to search the Helpbook.
  • LucidTime Help—Opens this helpbook.
  • LucidTime Feedback—Opens a new email in your email client so you can send feedback or a bug report.

    NOTE: Your feedback, comments, suggestions are important to us. Good, bad, whatever-we'd rather hear from you than not.

Clock-Specific Submenu

When a clock is opened, it's name appears in the Clock menu as a menu item below New Clock... menu item. Here we see that LucidClock is the only clock in the list. If we had 3 clocks open, each of their names would appear in this menu. Each item is added or removed from the dynamic list as clocks are opened or closed.

Each clock in the list has it's own submenu consisting of four submenu items. Use these to perform actions and customizations on the selected clock in the list.

The LucidTime menu.
  • About <clock>—Information specific to this clock.
  • Settings...—Opens a settings panel so that you can customize this clock.
  • Clock Window Level—A drop-down menu that lets you choose one of three window levels for this clock.
  • Remove <clock>—Closes this clock and removes it from the Clock menu items list.

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